Hello Weekend!

Hello weekend! 
Can't believe it's weekend again! 
Finally the spring has came to Sweden. And I hope it's here to stay. Today and yesterday I started the day with a walk/run. So nice when the sun is out !
And yesterday I finally get to meet Gabby again, my bestie I haven't seen in almost 2 years. So good! We spent the afternoon together and had lunch out and coffee at my place.
Tonight we are invited to her mum's place for some dinner. :)
Soon I will head out again- thought me and Lily would go visit where my mum works.
My little princess today! 
When Andreas came home yesterday we went out for another walk!
Coffee and non alco sparkling wine. Tumbs up! 
Banana-panncakes I made yesterday, yum. 
My love, my everything! 
wish you all a wonderful start of this weekend! 
Love Jen 

Gabby and I

Hello again! 
I have forgot to tell you that my best friend is visiting Sweden this week. ( She usually lives on Malta with her boyfriend.) I can't wait to see them!  Tomorrow it's finally time to meet after almost 2 years!!
We have been doing lots of fun and crazy stuff though the years, miss those days sometimes! So many memories together, so much fun and so much love.