In this shitty cold weather..

I can't do anything than look forward to sunkissed skin and warm evenings in our new house. I am so tired today after a night with a grumpy Lily, and this rain and cold weather don't make it any better. I was supposed to go out for a walk this morning but I didn't feel like it. Well at least I have been in the stable this morning ( helping my friend Ida with her horse yesterday and today.) While I was in the stable my brother took care of Lily. He is not bad my little brother Johan <3
Give me summer.. now! This was in August last year when we were in Italy. Such a beautiful trip we had over there!! 
Yesterday I started the day with 10km run and in the afternoon me and my family went home to my parents to go for a walk with Jackie ( Mum and dad are away, coming home today ) . This little dog is so funny. 
And this man he is pretty funny too. I love him for that! 
When we got back home from the walk and stable-work, we felt like something to nibble on. So we had some crackers, cheese and fruits before dinner. With a non alco beer. Yum! 
And my little darling this morning eating porridge. She loves food, but mummy's like is still her favorite;) 
hope you all will have a wonderful start of this week! 
Later on this afternoon, when Andreas is coming home, we are going into Town to do some errands. 
Hugs Jen 

Running and treats

Hello there! 
Hope you are well on this windy April day. We are doing fine. After breakfast I went into Town today to get my eyelashes done and to do some shopping. But then the whole Town was out of electricity!! So nothing was open.. but I went to see my friend and her family. And then I went home again. 
After some lunch home I went out for a run with our friend Dea. We did a 16 km run in the forest. So beautiful! I love the Swedish nature. Now we are chilling out at home but Lily is very grumpy today. My poor little baby. 
Swedish nature 🙏
Tired and sweaty after our run. 
Smoothie I made this arvo. So yum! 
Yesterday's treat. And a chilled out mum in the sofa ;)
 Wish you all a great evening! 


Hello Friday!
What happened? Friday again! 
We had a good day so far with sleep in & brekkie and then pw and coffee with neighbors C&E.
And my little girl got her first tooth today! No wonder she has been grumpy.
our little girls today, holding hands <3 
Yesterday when Andreas got back home from work we drove to Gislaved to buy a new car seat for Lily ( The other one was to little now and we only hired that one.) But now she got her own one, our big girl.
Lily tried potato and avocado yesterday, she is very interested in food. We bought this nibble to Lily yesterday. You just put in a piece of potato, banana or whatever you want your baby to try. Perfect when she can hold it herself. 
 Now I will try to do some exercise at home and also some vacum-cleaning before daddy Andreas get home. 
Yesterday I did some exercise with my kettlebell and also some abs exercise.  
I love flowers!! Got those ones last weekend from our friends! 
What are your plans for this weekend? 
I am going to go for a run or two, do my eyelashes ( extensions) take care of my friends horse and spend time with my family of course. 
Wish you all a great arvo! 
Lots of love to you all,