Good start of the week

Good evening 💐
Hope you are well! My week has started well. 
Now I am laying in the bed with my princess next to me.
We started the day after a good night's sleep. I still have sinusitis but it's better. Lily has been in such a good mood all day and so chatty and playful. My love! 
After breakfast today we went for a walk with our neighbours C&E.
A very rainy and boring day outside ,but good friends and coffee always makes it better. After our walk in the rain I invited the girls for a coffee. We chatted and enjoyed mum talk. Around lunch they walked home again.
After my lunch today I went into Town to see my friend Helena❤ she and her family just moved into a new flat. So good to see her again ! We had coffee and ice cream and she played with Lily of course. 
Love spending time with beautiful people. That's life ❤ 
Tonight my love and I made a nice pasta dinner and watched some new episode of the series "gåsmamman". 
Tomorrow it's time for baby rhythmic again! And update on last weekend will be up.
Sleep tight 🌸
Love Jen  

Lovely Friday

Hello beautiful friends 🌸
Hope you are well! We have had a great day so far. It's been so sunny and beautiful outside today. A touch of spring in the air. 
Started the day with breakfast with my little hubby. Then a powerwalk with C&E. Lovely! 
And after our walk I had my workmate Monika over for a coffee. So nice to see her again. We talked for a while and around lunch she went home again. 
And after lunch I drove home to Ås to have another walk with my friend Ida. I feel loaded with energy from today's walk and talk with friends.  Happy life! Even if my sinitus is still a pain in the ass. 
Today's breekie. 
Coffee at my friend Ida ❤🙏
Tonight I think we will have a cosy evening with taco ; me and my lovely family❤
Have a wonderful start of your weekend! 
Hugs Jen 

Busy days

Hello dear ones! 
Been a few busy days so that's why I haven't been saying hello here. Hope you are well. We are except my sinitus. It's always this time of the year when my sinitus comes back and it's horrible. So now nose-spray is my best friend. My head is hurting like hell. 
Well the latest days has been busy with powerwalks with C&E, housework, coffee, workouts, stablework, catching up with friends, mama-workout, appointment at the childcare center ,grossery shopping. And of course cosy moments with my little doll. 
Today at mama-workout.  My tired little girl ❤
Today playing in the gym ! 
Today at the childcare center. My big girl is almost 7 kg now 🖒❤ 
The other day when we were at "baby rhythmic ". Lily loves it ! 
Tuesday afternoon we helped my friend Ida in the stable. Here is here horse Gollan. I miss horses and horseback riding. Hopefully I will be back in the saddle this summer . 
So it's Friday again tomorrow! Weeks just flies by! 
Have a great evening! 
Hugs Jen 😙