Start every day with a grateful mind

Hello Monday and new week! 
Time is really flying by! 
Sometimes I have to stop for a while and just thank life for everything I have. So so grateful. Even if some days can be hard I try to wake up with a grateful mind- everyday! 
Sunsets- always so beautiful. I feel so thankful to life in Sweden this time of the year. It's so freaking beautiful outside!! And ending a day with a sunset like this one
- you can't be anything but happy. 
Now we are about to head out for a walk with our neighbours C&E. This afternoon me and Lily are catching up with Lisa and Anna. What a great Monday it will be. And Lily slept lika an angel last night. Thank you my darling ❤
Wish you all a great day!! 
Hugs Jen

Halfmarathon, French toast and green nature

Good evening! 
What a weekend! Gothenburg halfmarathon is done and I broke my old record! This year my time was 1:48. Not the time I wanted but I am still proud and happy. Yesterday was a long day.. it didn't start the best way. Woke up with headache after a bad night's sleep  ( Lily was a bit worried all night). And in the morning she was very grumpy. Luckly she was happy all afternoon and evening!
Well around 11 in the morning we drove up to Gothenburg. It was a bit hectic still we were there in time. But it went good and I am happy! I am so proud of my strong body! It's crazy I gave birth to our daughter less than 7 months ago!
 Before the run with all 64.000 people!! Gothenburg halfmarathon is the biggest halfmarathon in the world. Pretty sick! 
And finally .. tired mum after the run! 
Today we slept in. For breakfast I made French Toast and then lots of laundry. Around lunch I went out for a walk/run in  the forest. Sore legs today!!
 It's so beautiful outside this time of the year. So green! 
This afternoon we have been at my grandpa. He is turning 79 today. My beautiful grandpa! Happy birthday. We drank coffee with all family.  
 Lily this afternoon ❤
 Beautiful Sweden 💙❤
This evening we made chickpea "steaks"  with roasted veggies and gravy for dinner. Yummie! 
love you my baby girl ❤ 
Now I am trying to get a tired Lilys to sleep.. 
Well thanks life for a beautiful week and weekend! 
Love to you all! 
Sleep tight ❤

Summer feelings and on our way to Gothenburg

Hello dear ones! 
We had some beautiful days here in Sweden now. Summerfeelings for sure!! Yesterday we spent most of the day by the lake with Carro and Elna. So cosy.  Life as a mum is pretty awesome on those days.  
The day before yesterday we went into Town, to Kindergarten, to spend it with other mums and babies. We did our own paintings. I did one with Lilys footprints👣❤ 
After a morning at the Kindergarten me and Lily went to see my cousin Matilda. She was home in Småland for a visit and we had a really cosy afternoon with lunch, coffee, ice cream, strawberries, sun and lots of talk ❤
The other day I went to see my workmate Monika and we had breekie together. Always nice catching up! 
Last night we spent with a bunch of friends at Henke's place with Bbq and fun. Such a gorgeous evening! 
Today I woke up with headache after a bad night's sleep. Lily has been a bit worried all night. She is sleeping in the car now, my little girl. I am not very excited to run in the heath with headache but it's a few more hours until I start. I will try to drink lots of water. 
Well wish me luck! Gothenburg halfmarathon here we come!