Bouna sera amici❤ 
The days here in Italy passes by to fast! 
We are enjoying ever day. 
Right now I am watching the sun, that start to set. The view from our house here is so wonderful. Today we have been sunbathing all day. 
Yesterday we had a day in the town next to Praiano called Positano. Also a very beautiful place. 
We took the bus to go there and I have to say they drive like crazy here. But I already knew that, Italians are famous for driving pretty crazy and wild. 
Yesterday at the beach of Positano. 
Yesterday's sunset...
Dad and I ❤
 My beautiful parents ❤
Him&me forever ❤
Today dad and I started the day with a walk up in the mountains. My dad is so funny and it is so good to spend some quality time with him. 
Now time for a shower after some sweaty hours in the sun. Later on time for another delicious Italian dinner. 
 A presto, 

Bella vita

Ciao a tutti!
This week has started fantastic. After a good night's sleep my love and I started the day with a walk here in the mountains of almalfi coast. 
Today we have just relaxed in the garden,eaten alot of yummie food and sweets. 
And lunch 😃
E cappucino con biscotti. 
Last night we ate at a great Restaurant with excellent food and service. Sorry I didn't take any good photos of the food. But we all shared some antipasti for starters and then I had  delicious arancini-balls and salad for main. And for dessert-lemon sorbet,so yummie!
Thanks life for those moments!
On our way down to the village yesterday.. love my brother's face!😉
Look at my belly-it's huge! 
 Well  time to do some  biceps exercise before getting ready for tonight's dinner. 
Talk soon and lots of love to you all! 

Praiano, amalfi coast

ciao amici! 
Hope you all are well. We are having an amazing time here. The amalfi coast is magical. 
We stay in a town called Praiano. Mum has hired a beautiful house here, up in the mountains and the view from here is wow!  
Yesterday when we got here around lunchtime after a long day of travels we went out to have lunch in the area. It was so good to walk after sitting in an airplane and car all day. I had so much pain in my back, it was horrible. The pain comes when I sit for to long. Luckly I can relax one week here now 🙌 
Anyway, after lunch yesterday we walked around in the heat, bought some cold drinks and snacks before heading back to the house again. Since the house is located in the mountains we have to walk 200 stairsteps to get here!! Pretty heavy in the heat! But good exercise,right? 👍
So after the walk up it was good to relax in the sun until late evening. 
For dinner last night we had pizza delivery. Who doesn't love an Italian pizza? 
It was so cosy to sit up here in the mountains and watch the ocean and all the lights from the other villages around here. 
After pizza we had an early night. Everyone was tired after being up so early the day before. 
Today my love and I started the day with a walk. We walked for 3,5 km but it felt like much longer! The heath and stairs does that to you I guess. And babybelly isn't getting smaller 😄 
Back at the house we had a yummie breakfast with all family and today we have been sunbathing all day. I think belly is enjoying it too. 
I feel so blessed with having my family and that we are able to do this trip together. Thanks life 💙 
 view from praiano..
Yesterday's lunch 
From today's walk.. 
 And some coffee of course..
Well now it's time for a shower before going out for dinner. 
A presto, talk soon
Love Jen xxx