Weekend with my beloved ones

Hello friends! 
Have had a wonderufl weekend so far with lots of love. Soon we are heading to my brother and sister in law for christmas cakes and coffee. 
Friday cuddles<3
And Saturday morning cuddles with all family. 
Saturday brunching with ma man. Panncakes and fresh fruit. YUM :) 
Most of yesterday we had friends over. In the morning my cousins and in the afternoon our friend Matthias. Lily loves having people over and is always happy with lots of people around her. 
Yesterday I went for a run in the afternoon between our visitors. It was such a magical sky. 
A very happy little girl this morning after a bath. She loves it! Look at her cheeks! 
Lily have slept so good this weekend it's amazing how fresh I feel today. 
 Morning with my beautiful man <3 
Well, time to head of now- have a lovely arvo! 
Hugs Jen 


Wishing you all a great weekend ! 
Today I have both been able to do cleaning, laundry and a powerwalk. I have also made some Christmas feeling here at home. Cosy as. Of course I have been cuddling with my little doll too. 
I just sat down with a cup of tea now after a long hot shower. Baby is sleeping and I am having some time for myself. Luxury. 
Hugs! Talk soon xxx 


Good evening dear ones 🙂
Hope you are well ! 
We had a good day so far ( and last night was good, no sad Lily but an awake one so not much sleep but I survive ) 
Today we had an appointment at the childcare center. My sister was with me today and I took her for lunch afterwards.
Lily is doing fine and she is now about 3,9 kg! My growing little girl 😍
After lunch in Town and grossery shopping we went home to my sister for a cup of Tea. Lily was such a good & happy little girl all day.
My princess all dressed  up for today 
It's nice to fit into my old jeans again.. even if they are a bit tight still . . 
Today's lunch. Mushroomsoup and salad. It was yum! And so cosy to have a day with my sister. Love her ❤
Now Lily is  sleeping on daddy Andreas chest. They are so cute together ! 
Yesterday we tried the baby carrier. Lily liked it and I am so happy she did because it pretty heavy for your shoulders,back and arms to carry around a little baby all day.. 
I just had a shower after a run! Yes mummy Jenny was out for an evening run, so nice :) Now I am tired though.. 
 Time to breastfeed a little one now . 
Have a good one