Massage, a sore body and Friday feelin'

Hello my beloved ones!
Hope you are well ! I am, Lily and I just got back home from baby massage. 
But we started the day with sleeping in and then cuddles in the bed before going up for breaky. 
 My happy little doll. So much love for her!! 
My breakfast nowadays.. smoothie ( banana,mango,coconut and blueberry) with cereals and crispbread with peanutbutter or cheese. With coffee and oatmilk of course :) 
My little girl in today's outfit :) 
Yesterday it was my time for massage! It was so so good for me and my body, even if I am so sore from the body pump and tabata class at the gym the other day!
I really deserved to have some time for myself and just relax and enjoy the massage. 
My sister took care of Lily while I was away one hour. And it all went well. My sister loves Lily and she is so good with her <3 
 At the massage place she also sells lots of organic stuff for your body. I bought some shampoo, body lotion and oils for me and my girl from the brand Maria Åkerberg. All organic and vegan. love the brand!  Not very cheep but so worth it. 
My two sweethearts watching TV last night. 
I am so sore in my muscles today. But it feels good! Next week mama-workout will start and I also think I will sign up for the tabata and power-pump at the gym. 
Now it's time for Friday relax. 
Hope you all will have a wonderful start of the week! 
Love to you! 

Powerpump and housework

Hello friends! 
Hope you are having a great Wednesday! 
I have been very productive and busy today with both housework and a powerwalk. Tonight I think I will hit the gym for a tabata-class ( free classes this week ,so why not! )
Yesterday my sister, Sofia and I went to a power pump class and I feel it in my body today ;) Feels good thou! And it was so much fun to sweat and workout with others!!
My little princess is sleeping now and I am about to sit down infront of an episode of vampire diares with a cup of coffee, some mama-time. 
My belly right now. I am so happy for my strong body! 
Little hunny-bunny looking a bit angry ;) She is growing day by day. Can someone stop the time pls? 
 Today's lunch. Beanpasta with feta cheese, tomatoes and baba ganosh!
Well talk soon, have a wonderful afternoon!
hugs Jen  


Hello my dear ones! 
How are you today? 
I am doing good. Both me and Lily slept until 10. 30 today! ( we woke up a 2 times last night for breastfeeding ) 
Today one year ago we were on our way back home after 3 incredible weeks in Melbourne. Time really flies! 
What a trip we had! So much fun.. 
and not long after we got back home I found out I was pregnant! 
Melbourne sunset  
And Melbourne coffee... 
Well I wish you all a wonderful day! 
love Jen